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Pharm / Biopharm


Our talent sourcing team brings over 50 years of dedicated experience serving the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Their experience in this space enables them to seek out the best and brightest candidates serving the pharmaceutical industry because they know what to look for. Simply put, they have hired and trained the best within the organizations they served and understand exactly how to match your needs. They will have active roles in sources, screening and recommending exceptional talent to your organization.

General Accounting / Admin


Whether you need a CFO, Controller, Auditor, or Payable/Receivable Director, our team at Searchlight leverages their 60+ years of experience to find you the very best. Our team in this space consists of a prior CFO, a retired Controller who worked her way up from an Accounts Receivable clerk to a CPA, and an Audit Consultant who all understand GAAP and the desired attributes/skill sets needed to fill a successful Accounting Team.

Marketing & Sales

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